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3M Electrical Scotchcast™ Inline Splice Kits

3M Electrical Scotchcast Inline Splice Kits 82-f1 Inline Resin Splicing Kit

Designed to be used with inline compression connectors

Rated up to 5 kV for single conductor and up to 1 kV for multiple conductors

The 82-F series kits are permanent splices as assigned by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (P-142-5 MSHA)

The completed splices are designed for use in weather-exposed, direct burial or submerged locations

Item Code: 500-08307


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3M Electrical Scotchcast™ 82-A Series Inline Resin Splice Kits

3M Electrical Scotchcast 82-a Series Inline Resin Splice Kits 82-a1 Inline Resin Splicing Kits

For use with UL Listed connectors only

Used to insulate and seal single conductor, unshielded cable splices through 5 kV and multiple conductor cables through 1 kV

Item Code: 500-25024


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